Human Resource Management Concentration

Employment opportunities for human resources positions are expected to grow significantly. With an aging workforce, globalization and evolving technology, more companies and nonprofits are turning to HR managers who can help them think strategically about their recruiting, hiring, training and retention practices. Recent industry trends have shown that graduates with at least a bachelor’s degree have the best prospects, and those with certifications or experience will also have better outcomes in the job market. The Rawls College of Business recognizes this need for a competitive advantage and specialization within the growing HR field. Because of this, the Area of Management is implementing a new Human Resource Management (HRM) concentration for management students. Courses in the HRM concentration, augmented by additional management and business courses, prepare the student for a wide variety of career paths. The HRM concentration offers students the opportunity to learn the principles of effectively planning, organizing and leading organizations, in order to serve the business industry in developing the leadership skills of organizations, working with people, and solving both qualitative and quantitative problems.